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Welcome to Forrester™- You‘ve been looking for help in taking your small to midsize business to the next level and you have found it.

Forrester™ specializes in an array of services that will be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Regardless of your stage of development, Forrester™ can help your business succeed because when you succeed, we succeed.

Below are service areas Forrester™ provides:

Big Box Retailer Product Placement:
Big Box Retailer Product Placement
Big Box Retailer Product Placement

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your company’s product or service on the shelves of Best Buy, Lowe"sHome Depot, Target, Trader Joe's or Walmart? Forrester™’s consultants and industry contacts and experts will provide your company with the means to make that dream a reality.

Legal Protection:

Legal Protection
Legal Protection
Our Legal team not only reviews your vendor, customer, barter or business to business contracts our legal team learns everything it can about your business to ensure every contract is appropriate for your business. No more worrying if you committed to creating 5,000 units a month when your plant is only capable of manufacturing 3,000.  Our Legal experts will never take action on your behalf without your direct consent and without your knowing of all the implications.

Legal Branding:
Your hard work deserves to be protected but acquiring the documents to protect your intellectual property can be a full time job. Let Forrester™’s Legal Branding team do the leg work for you. In addition to acquiring protection Forrester is also dedicated to monitoring the global marketplace to prevent infringement of any kind.

Online Brand Management:

Your online presence is extremely important to the success and promotion of your business. Forrester creates and helps you maintain the social media platforms necessary for your company to compete in this constantly shifting technological age. Along with website design, and aggressive proprietary SEO implantation. Your business will reach the far corners of the world wide web.

Business Consultants:
Forrester’s business consultants have a minimum of dual Bachelor's degrees to dual Ph.Ds.’, a variety of skill sets and come from the leading consulting firms in the nation. They are the front line of Forrester’s team and dedicate themselves to learning everything there is to know about your company to craft strategies designed to help your company change and grow.

Corporation & LLC Formations:

The correct business structure it imperative for your business’s success. Whether your company is an LLC, or an Enterprise we will help you determine the correct structure to ensure optimum performance and growth.

Capital & Angel Funding:

Capital & Angel Funding
Capital & Angel Funding
Need money to grow your business, build a new or expand your plant operations, fulfill purchase orders and/or advertise?  Forrester™ can help.  We have partnerships with the world's largest hedge funds and capital and angel investment firms.

Licensing & Franchising:

Licensing & Franchising