Green Initiative

In the Office:

We have installed motion sensors that automatically turn on and off when individuals enter or exit a room. In addition, we have installed in a majority of our (non-leased) locations solar powered cells that collect and store (on site) energy to use in lue of a supply from a local or national grid power plant.

We feel every second, every kilowatt count when you are committed to reducing your dependency on crude energy solutions.

We offer the option of peoples billing and project documentation at no cost, and with a monetary incentive in hopes of reducing our needs for paper.

Although certain documents cannot be paperless in order to comply with local state and federal law we are implementing and monitoring jurisdictions that allow virtual documents to be executed through e-signature methods.

Forrester Corporation offers free online cloud-based storage and sharing of estimates, invoices, contracts and certifications of delivery instead of mailing these documents one permitted by law to our customers.

But that’s not where our efforts end. Almost 80% of our office waste is recycled. That’s right, everything from using refillable ink cartridges in our printers to energy-efficient monitors, and adding other items to this list every chance we get.

We also recycle all plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans and obviously all paper. We have partnered with architectural firms that use only 100% recycled paper for their blueprint.

By 2025, we are hoping the laws in our service areas will allow us to be 95% paper and carbon footprint free.

In the field:

We’ve started out by looking at our suppliers and product manufacturers and partnering with companies who are trying to make a difference by protecting the environment.

For instance, Habitat for Humanity is probably our largest supplier. They offer a wide variety of reclaimed and refurbished products at a very reasonable and very reasonable rates. We are giving our customers the option of using reclaimed wood on their projects and we are purchasing lumber and wood related products from suppliers who replenish the natural resources on a two-for-one basis.

We started the process years ago of converting our fleet of gas powered vans and trucks to diesel powered vehicles due to their longevity. But now Ford is creating a complete line of heavy duty pickup trucks with similar towing capabilities as our diesel power vehicles, so we are all in.

Our diesel powered vans are being replaced by the same all electric utility vans the US post office and Amazon are implementing. This will help us save more money of feeling cost and intern allow us to keep our transportation, storage and equipment prices at a bargain rate.

Companies that go green and take the initiative seriously with the proper channels, partnerships and implementation conceive not only the environment but money as well and can shadow those savings onto their clientele to remain successful.

We are committed to increasing our green capabilities and reducing our carbon footprint and dependency on fossil fuel in the field zone by at least 7% each year and hope to have a complete electric fleet including estimator vehicles, pick up trucks and utility vans by 2025. Protecting the environment for future generations is our biggest goal so that there is a better world.