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Reliable Flat Rate Delivery Services in New York

One Price All Inclusive Guaranteed

Our slogan says it all! Forrester Corp. Delivery and Storage offers an all inclusive, guaranteed flat rate price with no hidden charges or fees. What we quote you is what you will pay. Our extraordinary commitment to honesty and fairness has recently made Forrester Corp. Delivery and Storage one of New York City's most preferred delivery companies. In fact, 95% of our clients are repeat, recommended and referred customers. This speaks volumes about our quality and service. If Forrester Corp. Delivery and Storage handles your freight, your whole delivery experience will be smooth, stress-free, and maybe even enjoyable! We have perfected the art of delivery.

Flat Rates with full service.

You order the material/product from your favorite distributors, and we'll take care of the rest. Once all articles are loaded, the truck will immediately head to the destination.

Full service (Pack - move - Unpack)Packing, moving, and un-packing, all done within one or two days (packing a day before for example). Each full service move includes:

On site visit.

Truck and professional moving crew.

Certificate of insurance for the property loaded, carried and delivered.

Any additional tolls, gas, travel time, etc.

24/7 offsite coordination. Immediate response to customer's questions or concerns.

Valid for any local move between/within Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk Counties) and Westchester County. Check with our sales representative about the price for Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and other Counties.

Instant quotes can be received via (347)-440-1190, Fill Form Online or

View our quick refference guide below to gauge your pricing.

Percentages from the departing destination to the arriving destination are based upon the cost of the purchased material from the supplier.